A motionless electromagnetic generator is a magnetic generator which works for the principle of "the first law of thermodynamics". The product can perform efficiently whenever a load is used without using other external power sources. Nevertheless the motionless electromagnetic generators were never verified and there are no known functioning prototypes.

The generator largely resembles any standard transformer, aside from two actuator coils and permanent magnets
in the basic design. From the generator set-up, there is a pair of input and output coils extending in the magnetic core portions. A lasting magnet lies in the middle from the magnetic core and yes it furnishes lines of magnetic flux getting into the core material, which leads to left and right magnetic paths. While a driving current via input coils lessens the magnetic flux level from permanent magnets generated around input set of coils.

A magnetic filed moving would induce a charge in coils so when the magnet is placed between two plates of metal; the resulting magnet flux could be evenly placed. Here the magnet would behave as flux battery and makes the operation of set-up easy to work. Every time a current in induced via an input coil the magnetic flux would move towards one metal plate and results a modification of magnetic flux. The motionless electromagnetic generator core is built of magnetic alloys since they have the capability to switch magnetic fluxes rapidly.

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